Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to people, organizations, and governments. In fact, it should actually be the fundament for any project, initiative, or organization throughout society. In order to put words into practice, another generation of business models is necessary. We proposed several years ago the concept of “New Business Models” (NBMs). Now that this concept has been around for a while sustainable and circular value creation is more and more the object of investigation in business modeling. NBMs are based on three meta-principles: value creation should be multiple, collective, and shared. The question is how in everyday transactions (buying bread, generating power together, or auto sharing) sustainability and circularity are achieved at the same time.

The Nijmegen School of Management (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands) began conducting research in the field of business modeling in 2011 with the aim to provide answers to some of these questions. This has resulted in a ongoing series of activities, seminars, conferences and publications. Most of these publications are in Dutch but some are translated. We are happy to share the results and activities with you. Go to Research Activities and Publications for more information or sign up for the ‘Newsletter’ so that, once or twice a year, you will receive our international newsletter.

New Business Models

At the end of 2014 the book “New Business Models: Working Together to Value creation” was published in Dutch. This book is the result of three years of research by a vast team of academics, professionals and ordinary citizens led by Jan Jonker, Professor of Sustainability at Radboud University Nijmegen. The result is a vivid and genuine example of crowd thinking. More than fifty people participated its creation and have co-written the text.The result is an inspirational text and workbook for a broad range of people in today’s society. It is a do-it-yourself business-modeling book to develop your own community-based business model. A book where people can get to work if they have plans for an initiative, cooperative, company or (social) enterprise. It can also be used to align an already existing business, project, plan or activity. This book has been translated into English and is now also available as e-book. You can order the book here.

New Projects 2018 – 2020

We now have been working on a number of projects since 2009. Some totally failed but resurrected; others became an instant ‘hit’ and led to bestsellers. For the next three years we would like to continue on this road, now knowing what lies ahed. This means we will organise three international conferences on New Business Models in Sofia (2018), Berlin (2019) and Nijmegen (2020). Based on all the research we have done regarding Business Models for the Circular Economy we are now working on a Toolbook that was released in Spring 2018. In the next two years we hope to have a large-scale international Do-It-Yourself conference and also a Hackaton on Hybrid Banking. Yes there is more, but this will do for now.

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