Database New Business Models

In our society there might be hundreds, perhaps thousands of initiatives that can be labeled as a New Business Model. Initiatives created by citizens, by the Government and by companies. Initiatives focused on one specific theme (such as care, energy or mobility) or from an integral perspective to wicked questions (e.g. urban agriculture, regional renovation etc.). Initiatives at different stages in development. Sometimes not yet more than an inspiring plan or maybe already in the stage of a pilot or project.

How many initiatives there are, what their focus is, where most or the least can be found … all kinds of tricky questions where no answer is available. There are several ‘lists’ in circulation, but what there is double or unique to hard to say. Disturbing is all the extra work and all unnecessary energy and creativity that is lost because people continually reinvent the same. We want to do something about this situation. So the idea of building a database with New Business models was born. [Read more]

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