INCLUSIVE BANKING. Givo, the result of the 2019 Odyssey Hackathon Challenge

Niels Faber

Between the 11th and 15th of April, the third episode of world’s largest Blockchain hackathon has taken place in Groningen. Over 500 enthusiasts of Blockchain and artificial intelligence, divided into 100 teams, have been working on the realization of a ‘commonized’ digital infrastructure. Each team was engaged with one of the 20 challenges of the Hackathon. One of these was ‘Inclusive Banking’: how can people engage in peer-to-peer transactions, making use of any of their assets, without the need to monetize. Five teams dedicated themselves to the question of how a different system of transactions can be realized, in which normal people trade with their own things and skills. After a long weekend of hard work, an App prototype is ready that realizes just this.