plan and direction

Radboud Universiteit 

( near the sportcentrum, before the Elinor Ostrom building was called Gymnasion)

TRAIN just see for directions in Holland

BUS  No 10, 13 , 15   or 300. Erasmuslaan is the stop, buses   are starting at the central station of Nijmegen  Take care of the return: the bus stop is on the opposite of the road!

CAR: parking P7A or P7B ( underneath the Elinor Ostrom building) take care : you have to pay with a debit-card.

Airport:  Schiphol (near Amsterdam, and then the train, inside the airport to Nijmegen (± 1,5 hour)  or  Dusseldorf, but then a car hire is necessary, 1,5 hour drive.

Floor map Elinor Ostromgebouw