The essence of this seminar is how to address the challenges of integrating sustainability, circularity, and social inclusivity in the urban environment. The focus will be on concepts that generate multiple values for various stakeholders and thus offer the foundation for creating a sustainable and inclusive urban circular economy.

During the day, a number of parallel sessions are scheduled in which various approaches, tools and challenges towards sustainable, inclusive circular cities are presented and discussed, based on a carefully selected set of European projects and programs. The program is complemented by three keynotes from the City of Nijmegen, the OECD and the City of Amsterdam. Information about the city’s and project that are collaboration you can find e.g. at P+

The  program you can find here.

Participants were be provided with a White Paper entitled ‘The City as a Business Model’ especially written for the occasion by Jan Jonker, Naomi Montenegro Navarro and Geraldine Brennan. You can order it here

Slides of the conference are available here:
Berendsen and Kampfraath: “The workbook – Organising for the circular economy”
Bouckaert: “The City as a Data Mine”
Ferguson: “Cities: Overcoming the Barriers to a Circular Economy”
Gietema: “Impact Businesses and Urban Development”
Hustinx: “Nijmegen, European Green Capital 2018”
Kernel:  “Partnership for Circular Municipalities
Kos: “Project WCYCLE: Model of Urban Circular Economy for Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia”
Lopez: “Enabling city development through participatory approaches”
Montenegro and Jonker: “URBAN BUSINESS MODELS”
Onderdelinden and van der Haak: “Transitiereizen”
Soede and Jonkhoff: “Amsterdam going circular”
Zoeren: “Circulair Zuid”

Please take note: copyright belongs to the auteurs, and you have to ask them for using the slides!