The WEconomy Project

We live in times of social transition. The call for societal change, for sustainability, for a new and circular economy is increasing. The growing number of complicated inter-organizational and inter-institutional issues that we face as an increasingly interlinked society can no longer be resolved with old industrial and linear thinking. Organizational forms that only produce in a linear mode are no longer tenable. Gradually, and sometimes even reluctantly, it is being replaced by a spectrum of civic, distributed, and circular organizations emerging in different shapes and sizes and giving way to new forms of production. These forms are more focused on the human scale and enable creating value in a collective manner. This eventually leads to organizing social and ecological sustainability in a collective way. The Dutch book ‘WEconomy’ (published in 2013 – now sold out) demonstrates how this new way of thinking and acting is shaped in different ways in practice and leading to innovative organizational discoveries and inspirational ideas. This project was the direct result of the success of the first project of OCF 2.0
The results of the research on which the two publications ‘Sustainable Thinking Acting (sold out) and ‘Weconomy’ (sold out) were employed for a comprehensive range of working papers in Dutch. They also created the basis for two inaugural speeches by professor Jan Jonker. His first inaugural speech was in 2011 at the Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and entitled ‘Duurzaam Ondernemen: naar een organisatie-ecologie met het oog op duurzaamheid’ (Sustainable Entrepreneurship: towards an organizational-ecology creating sustainability). His second inaugural speech was held when accepting the Chair d’excellence Pierre de Fermat in 2014 at the Toulouse Business School in France entitled ‘Changing the Logic of Value Creation’ (Changer la Logique de Creation de Valeur). It can be downloaded for free here